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Washington State Endorsements

Ballot Initiatives:
I-1053 NO

I-1100 NO

I-1105 NO

I-1107 NO

I-1082 NO

I-1098 YES

Ref Bill 52 YES

SJR 8225 YES

Here are some excellent candidates in Washington State:

Sen. Claudia Kauffman: Senate District 47

From Progressive Majority:

Sen. Claudia Kauffman is running for re-election in the 47th legislative district. We helped recruit Claudia for her first run in 2006, based on her activism within the Native American community, particularly for her role as the Intergovernmental Liaison at Muckleshoot Tribe. We worked closely with Claudia's campaign to overcome both a tough primary opponent where we took on the Democratic Party and tough general election fight in 2006. The 47th is a swing district and one Republicans view as vulnerable in this tough political climate for progressives. Claudia and her two house Democratic seatmates are some of the top targets of the Republicans and we expect them to spend a great deal of resources here. President Obama won this district by 55%. A member of the Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho, Claudia is the only Native American woman in the state legislature.

Helping Families:



From the Indigenous Democratic Network:

In 2005, INDN’s List was born and we hosted our First INDN Campaign Camp, where we brought in a very distinguished group of Indian leaders from across the country to be trained by the top political consultants in the Democratic Party. In that inaugural class was Claudia Kauffman, a member of the Nez Perce tribe, an extraordinarily talented individual who, with the support of INDN’s made history by becoming the first American Indian woman elected to the Washington State Senate.

In her first term in office, Senator Kauffman has quickly made a huge impact and taken the lead on issues involving children and education. As Vice Chair for Early Learning on the State Education Committee, Senator Kauffman brought together parents, professionals and policy makers to examine early learning needs statewide and develop a plan to expand early learning in Washington. She authored and passed legislation that implemented this plan for all of Washington’s children.

This year, Senator Kauffman faces her first reelection campaign. INDN’s List is proud to once again endorse Senator Kauffman for State Senate. Republicans have targeted Senator Kauffman, making her their # 1 target, and are raising massive amounts of money to use against her. They have even already started their dirty tricks, including a push poll, to defeat her.

Find out more from Claudia's website.

Rep. John McCoy State House District 38

From the Indigenous Democratic Network:

We've supported him since our founding in 2005, and we are so proud once again to endorse Washington State Rep. John McCoy, a member of the Tulalip Tribe, in seeking his fifth term in office.

He is current Chair of the House Technology, Energy and Communications Committee. He is also Chair of the National Caucus of Native American State Legislators.

During the last session, Rep. McCoy sponsored legislation that created a new state law expanding the authority of tribal police. They can now arrest anyone on the reservation, not just tribal members.

We want John to continue his work for the safety of American Indians in Indian Country, for education, and for health care, and we are happy to help him in his electoral efforts.

Find out more at John's website.

Eric Oemig
Candidate for State Senate - District 45 (Incumbent)
King County

Senator Eric Oemig was supported by Progressive Majority when he first ran for Senate in 2006. Since his election, Eric has been a champion for reform and efficiency in government. Once a Republican stronghold, the 45th district of East King County has elected Democrats in recent elections and the current delegation is 100% Democratic. Re-electing Eric ensures we retain progressive representation in a swing district that has only recently trended democratic.

Cindy Ryu
Candidate for State House - District 32 (Open Seat)
King and Snohomish Counties

Cindy Ryu, a Korean-American, is running for the open House seat in the 32nd district in North King County and South Snohomish County. Cindy holds a MBA from the University of Washington and is active in a number of local community activities, including the local and state Democratic Party organizations, the Asian/Pacific Islander Community and the local business community. We helped Cindy in her race for Shoreline City Council in 2005, where she later became the first Korean-American mayor in the country when she was elected Mayor of Shoreline. Electing Cindy ensures we retain strong, progressive representation in one the most left-leaning districts in the state (democratic performance of 62.9%). She faces one Democrat and one Republican in the primary.

Click here to support and learn more about Cindy.

Tami Green
Candidate for State House - District 28 (Incumbent)
Pierce County

Tami Green is running for re-election in Pierce County's 28th District. A registered nurse, Tami has championed health care and worker's issues since her election in 2004. Since then she's helped organize the Labor Caucus of her peers, and has been one of the driving forces behind the Blue/Green Alliance, the progressive caucus within the State House. She faces a tough challenge in this swing district, and is the #1 target for the House Republicans in 2010.

Andy Billig
Candidate for State House - District 3 (Open Seat)
Spokane County

Andy Billig is President and part-owner of the Spokane Indians Baseball Club. He is proud to have worked with the Spokane Tribe of Indians on the team's logo design in 2006, which is a rare instance of cultural sensitivity in professional sports. A recognized business leader with a self-stated "commitment to progressive values like equality, justice and prosperity," Andy should do well in the 3rd district which has a 59.4% democratic performance. Andy graduated cum laude with a degree in government from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and is the leading candidate in the race. Electing Andy ensures we retain a strong, progressive voice representing the most left-leaning district in Eastern Washington.

Click here to support and learn more about Andy.

Laurie Jinkins
Candidate for State House - District 27 (Open Seat)
Pierce County

Laurie Jinkins is running for State Representative in the 27th district in Tacoma. Electing Laurie ensures we retain strong, progressive representation in one the most left-leaning districts in the state (democratic performance of 63.7%) and would give voice to a totally unrepresented group. Laurie would be the first and only openly lesbian member of the Washington State Legislature if elected. Laurie has been a human and civil rights advocate for more than 20 years and co-chaired last year's successful ballot initiative to affirm domestic partnership rights for the state's gay and lesbian couples. Laurie is a respected public health expert, having served as Deputy Director of the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and worked for the Department of Health in the state capital for 13 years. She worked with Governors Gregoire and Locke to assist in developing the state's healthcare budget and is credited with transforming Washington's regulation of the healthcare system to one that proactively protects the public. As Washington moves to implement recent federal healthcare legislation, Laurie's skills will be a tremendous asset in the state capital. Likewise, Laurie is an education leader, having served as a Tacoma Community College Trustee for over a decade. Her focus on job creation, worker retraining and college readiness will be a strong asset for Washington's Legislature.

Click here to support and learn more about Laurie.

Geoff Simpson
Candidate for State House - District 47 (Incumbent)
King County

As a Navy veteran and a firefighter in Kent for 20 years, Rep. Geoff Simpson is no stranger to a tough fight. First elected to the House in 2000, Geoff has been a progressive champion in Olympia, focusing on improving our economy, fighting for consumer protections and even taking on his own party if necessary to stand up for working families. Every two years, the right-wing smear machine goes after Geoff because he's such a strong advocate for progressive values, and this year will be no different. Geoff Simpson has earned the endorsement of Progressive Majority and we're excited to help return him to Olympia.

Carol Gregory
Candidate for State House - District 30 (Open Seat)
King County

Carol Gregory is running for the open House seat in the 30th district in Federal Way. After a sudden retirement by the same state representative she challenged in 2008 (and lost to by just 1,600 votes), Carol immediately jumped in. During her last campaign, Carol raised over $150,000; the most of any Democratic challenger in that election cycle. A former President of the Washington Education Association and former board member of Washington NARAL, Carol has a long history of activism for progressive causes. Carol is facing four Republicans in the race, but with the district's 54.9% democratic performance, none of them have raised significant funds as of yet. Carol has a top notch campaign team poised to take this swing district back for progressives in 2010.

Click here to support and learn more about Carol.

Luis Moscoso
Candidate for State House - District 1 (Open Seat)
King County

Luis Moscoso is running to defend an open seat in the 1st legislative district, located on the King-Snohomish county line, a community that tends to elect Democrats (55.5% democratic performance). Luis has decades of experience as an activist for social and economic justice. His extensive work with communities of color and labor organizations endeared him to the local party organization and the activist community. Luis recently acquired the endorsement of the Washington State Labor Council and has been endorsed by many individual unions. Luis has demonstrated his commitment to progressive values by "walking the talk." He has been the Secretary of the Washington State Democratic Party since 2005.

Click here to support and learn more about Luis.

Sharon Nelson
Candidate for State Senate - District 34 (Open Seat)
West Seattle, Vashon Island & Des Moines

Sharon Nelson is a Washington State Representative running for the open state Senate seat in the 34th district in Seattle. Sharon has been a strong progressive leader in the state legislature, serving as a member of the Blue/Green Alliance in the House. Sharon has long been a champion of environmental issues, working closely with Preserve our Islands to protect Vashon and Maury Islands, which are part of the 34th District and are critical to the future of the Puget Sound. If elected to the state senate, Sharon would continue to provide the energy needed to advocate for a progressive agenda in the Senate. She will continue to be a champion on consumer protection, protecting working families and, of course, on environmental issues, fighting a proposed barge loading facility that would negatively impact Maury Island.

Click here to support and learn more about Sharon.

Joe Fitzgibbon
Candidate for State House - District 34 (Open Seat)
King County

Joe Fitzgibbon is running for State Representative in the 34th district in West Seattle and Burien. Electing Joe ensures we retain strong, progressive representation in one the most left-leaning districts in the state (democratic performance of 71.3%) and would give voice to a largely underrepresented group: young people. At 23 years old, Joe would be the youngest member currently serving in the state legislature and nearly the youngest ever to be elected. Joe grew up in his district and is now a homeowner. For the past three years, Joe has served as the legislative assistant to the House member he seeks to replace: Sharon Nelson, a Progressive Majority endorsed candidate now seeking election to the State Senate. Joe will be an effective member of the Blue/Green Alliance, the progressive caucus in the State House. Joe is in a tough primary with two other Democrats and an Independent.

Click here to support and learn more about Joe.

Joe McDermott
Candidate for King County Council - District 8 (Open Seat)

Joe McDermott is a Washington State Senator running for an open seat on the King County Council, the state's biggest population center. Joe has been a strong advocate for education, elections, the environment and civil rights during his 10 years in the state legislature, where he is one of six openly gay legislators. If elected to the King County Council, however, Joe would be the first openly gay member of this body, ensuring that key decisions made at the county are inclusive of the many LGBT individuals and families living in Seattle and beyond. Joe would like to see the county extend services to include human services and enhanced public health. He intends to leverage his experience and relationships in the state capital to advocate that the legislature open up new funding sources and lift restrictions on existing ones to allow the county to do so.

Click here to support and learn more about Joe.

Randy Gordon
Candidate for State Senate - District 41 (Incumbent by appointment)
King County

Appointed in 2010 to replace retiring Senator Fred Jarrett, Randy is a Bellevue attorney who owns his own law firm, Gordon Edmunds Elder PLLC. He is an Adjunct Professor at Seattle University School of Law, specializing in products liability and remedies. During his first session, Randy sponsored seven bills, one of which provided children from birth to three years old with educational support for developmental disabilities. Randy has a demonstrated commitment to progressive values and has already proven his effectiveness in the State Senate. Randy will be defending his seat for the first time this cycle. Randy is definitely among the most progressive members of the legislature and has a tough fight against a well funded Republican who has ran in this district before.

Click here to support and learn more about Randy.

Derek Stanford
Candidate for State House - District 1 (Open seat)
King and Snohomish Counties

Derek Stanford is running for one of two open seats in the suburban 1st district, which straddles the King and Snohomish county line. Derek works in the telecommunications industry, and is a member of WashTech, Local 37083 of the Communication Workers of America. He is running to fill the seat opened by the retirement of Al O'Brien, and plans on making job growth and education his top priorities. Electing a champion for working families like Derek will help tilt the balance of power in Olympia.

Click here to support and learn more about Derek.

Jean Melious
Candidate for Whatcom County Council (Open Seat)
Whatcom County

Jean Melious is running for Whatcom County Council. Jean is seeking to replace Bob Kelly who resigned late last year to seek election as president of the Nooksack Tribe. We helped elect Bob in 2007 and electing Jean will allow us to retain this progressive seat. Jean's background is in land use, working as an attorney specializing in environmental law for over 20 years. She is the Chair of the Planning Commission and also serves on the historic preservation commission. Jean has drawn two Tea Party opponents, neither with any experience in government and one who jumped in during the last hour of filing week. Jean has compiled a great team of Camp Wellstone-trained volunteers and staff. Jean will need to pull all the partners together to defeat the opposing ideological forces in this swing county.

Click here to support and learn more about Jean.

Chris Reykdal
Candidate for State House - District 22 (Open Seat)
Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Thurston County

With progressive champion Brendan Williams retiring this year, Chris Reykdal is running to take his place as the progressive voice for the 22nd district. Chris is a Tumwater School Board member, and currently the Deputy Executive Director of the Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges. His experience working with the legislature has prepared Chris to be one of the House's most effective members, particularly for improving Washington's schools. Chris' campaign centers around one of the most critical issues facing Washington: reforming the state's regressive tax structure. Chris emerged as the top Democrat after the August primary, and faces conservative Republican Jason Hearn in November.

Click here to support and learn more about Chris.

Nick Harper
Candidate for State House - District 38 (Challenger)
Snohomish County

Nick Harper is challenging incumbent Democratic Senator Jean Berkey. A strong democratic district (58.1% Democratic performance), the 38th District should be home to one of the most progressive voices in the state and instead is represented by a Senator that has been a bad vote on a range of progressive issues from labor to education to the environment. The progressive community is united in their dissatisfaction with Senator Berkey. Nick, 31, and his wife Lacey live in Everett, where Nick serves as the Snohomish County Conservation Director for Cascade Land Conservancy. Nick has a strong interest in conservation and land use management, which he has worked on locally and in the state capital through his current role and his past work with the Realtors. Harper jumped in the race with the endorsement and support of several local elected officials, including his potential seatmate State Representative John McCoy.

Click here to support and learn more about Nick.

John Dean
Candidate for Island County Commissioner - District 3 (Incumbent)

John Dean is an Island County Commissioner running for re-election to the third district. We recruited John to run four years ago, based on his 25-year career in journalism and deep engagement in the Camano Island community. We were instrumental in his victory in 2006 - part of a multi-year strategy to flip the Island County Commission, which was achieved in 2008 with the election of Commissioner Helen Price Johnson and Commissioner Angie Homola. One of John's proudest achievements over the past four years is the passage of a one-tenth of one percent sales tax to expand mental health services. John believes education must be a top priority and points to the mental health sales tax, as well as the creation of an Island County Children's Commission, as examples of how he is bringing needed services to the county's most disadvantaged kids.

Click here to support and learn more about John.

Tom Riggs
Candidate for State House - District 10 (Challenger)
Island County

A park ranger for more than 17 years, lifelong Washingtonian Tom Riggs is running in the 10th District against conservative Republican Barbara Bailey. We first met Tom when he participated in the candidate training at Camp Wellstone in Seattle in May 2010. Tom wants to take his experience in parks management to Olympia and continue his dedication to community service. As a ranger, Tom is also a member of AFSCME/WFSE Local 1466.

Click here to support and learn more about Tom.

Monica Stonier
Candidate for State House - District 17 (Open Seat)
Clark County

Monica Stonier is a middle school teacher who is running for an open seat in the swing 17th district. Monica will be a strong voice in Olympia for education funding and her hands-on experience in this field will provide needed insight in moving toward the goal of more results-oriented strategies in reshaping out education system. The retiring Democrat Monica seeks to replace was a moderate, making electing Monica a key part of our strategy to flip four seats to a progressive Democrat. Monica got involved in politics during the 2008 Presidential election and has stayed involved, connecting with her community as Secretary of the 17th District Democrats. She has comprehensive support from elected officials and the labor community, and has raised more money than all other candidates in her race.

Click here to support and learn more about Monica.

Sherry Appleton
Candidate for State House - District 23 (Incumbent)
Kitsap County

Sherry Appleton has been a leader in the House of Representatives since we helped elect her in 2004. A former city council member and active voice for women's rights, Sherry brings a diverse background to the House, and is a progressive voice we can't afford to lose. The 23rd district has a democratic performance of 55.5%, but her opponent this year is a moderate republican who also serves on the Kingston Port Commission and has pledged to stay on the commission if elected to the House. After a long session, Republicans think they can catch Sherry off-guard, but we want to make sure we keep her progressive voice in the Legislature.

Click here to support and learn more about Sherry.

Steve Tharinger
Candidate for State House - District 24 (Open Seat)
Clallam, Gray Harbor and Jefferson Counties

Steve is a three-term Clallam County Commissioner, and has been a small business owner and an active community member for over 30 years. Steve grew up in a large family - one of seven children - and his values in public service of economic, social and environmental justice stem from his childhood. Steve will make an excellent seatmate for Rep. Kevin Van De Wege, who we helped elect in 2006. The retiring Democrat Steve seeks to replace was a moderate, making electing him a key part of our strategy to flip four seats to a progressive Democrat.

Click here to support and learn more about Steve.

Sumner Schoenike
Candidate for State House - District 26 (Open Seat)
Kitsap and Pierce Counties

Sumner Schoenike, a pediatrician, is in a tough race with incumbent Jan Angel, a Republican completing for her first re-election. Although this is a swing district, the other two legislative seats are held by democrats. Dr. Schoenike's background in medicine and health care administration will be helpful when the legislature takes up implementing the new federal laws. Dr. Schoenike has the support of his local Democratic Party organizations and received the early endorsement of the Washington State Labor Council.

Click here to support and learn more about Sumner.

Steve Stuart
Candidate for Clark County Commission (Incumbent)
Clark County

After being appointed in 2004, elected to serve out that term in 2005 and being elected for a full term in 2006, Steve Stuart is now the lone Democrat on the Clark County Board of Commissioners. With our support four years ago, Steve was able to stand up for the values he's had since he grew up in Clark County - now one of Washington's fastest growing and most populated counties. Prior to his service as County Commissioner, Steve worked as a lobbyist and executive director for an environmental group that promotes smart growth. Steve now faces a tough fight against the usual suspects: developers with deep pockets.

Click here to support and learn more about Steve.

Julie Anderson
Candidate for Pierce County Auditor (Incumbent)
Pierce County

Julie Anderson is a former Tacoma City Council member and the current Pierce County Auditor. We helped Julie in her successful challenge to the Republican appointed auditor after Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy was elected in 2008, and Julie is finishing out the remainder of the short term. Now Julie is running for a full term, and it's critical that we keep her in office. Prior to serving as Auditor, Julie was a Senior Policy Advisor at the Washington Department of Commerce and the executive director of the YWCA of Pierce County. Her office oversees elections in the second most populated county in Washington.

Click here to support and learn more about Julie.

John Driscoll
Candidate for State House - District 6 (Incumbent)
Spokane County

State Representative John Driscoll is running for re-election for State House of Representatives. Driscoll, the director a local non-profit focused on providing healthcare to low-income individuals, faces a general election rematch with the ultra-conservative candidate he unseated just two years ago (by just 72 votes). The 6th is a swing district, making this a tough, but crucial fight in November. Re-electing John ensures we retain progressive representation in Eastern Washington.

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Kris Lytton
Candidate for State House - District 40 (Open Seat)
Anacortes, Mount Vernon, Bellingham, San Juan Islands

After the retirement of Rep. Dave Quall in the rural 40th district, nine candidates filed to run for his seat. Kris Lytton emerged out of the crowded August primary field. Kris is the president of the Anacortes School Board, and spent years working in the private sector handling business budgets. Kris won the most votes in the primary, and in the general she'll face Republican Mike Newman, a real estate agent from Mount Vernon.

Click here to support and learn more about Kris.

Mark Lindquist
Candidate for Pierce County Prosecutor (Incumbent)
Pierce County

Pierce County Prosecutor and former Chief Criminal Deputy Mark Lindquist is a career prosecutor who has been with the office for 15 years. Mark most recently won a conviction in the first degree murder case of slain cab driver Mohamud Ahmed. Under Mark's leadership, the Prosecutor's Office is reducing gang violence, prosecuting the

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