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Progressive Candidates in California


I voted for Barbara Boxer when she was first elected Senator and by and large I have always been proud of that vote and what Senator Boxer stands for. In California you have a choice between re-electing one of the best Senators in America or electing a right wing fanatic who seems no better than Sarah Palin.

Here are a handful of reminders of WHY we need Senator Boxer now more than ever.

Jason E. from Escondido California on the combat care center that Senator Boxer worked to establish for San Diego area veterans:

Rosemary talks about Senator Boxer's support of clean energy jobs and how those jobs can help put our economy back on track:

Abraham W. from Los Angeles discusses how Senator Boxer has supported financial aid for college students:

Veteran's Healthcare...clean are just three reasons why we need Barbara Boxer in the Senate. The Republicans gutted ALL of these when they were in charge. Why would anyone want to see them do it again?

Recently Democracy for America members voted Barbara Boxer their 2010 Progressive Hero in the Senate. We really need to get behind this progressive hero and stop the teabaggers in California. From Democracy for America:

Senator Boxer needs no introduction. For years she has been one of the progressive movement's boldest leaders -- on climate change, on healthcare, on women's rights, and on so much more she has been a voice for the people.

Now, Senator Boxer is locked in a tough reelection fight with Tea-Party Republican Carly Fiorina, a failed corporate executive who is writing million-dollar checks to fund her own campaign. Carly claims to have created jobs as a former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, but that conveniently ignores tens of thousands of Americans laid-off, fired or who had their jobs out-sourced overseas under her failed leadership. Let's face it, when Carly was in charge HP lost 2/3's of it's shareholder value. Neither California nor the rest of the nation can afford "leadership" like Carly Fiorina.

The U.S. Senate needs Heroes who fight the big banks, insurance companies and Wall Street. Who stands up for everyday Americans against corporate interests. America needs Senator Barbara Boxer.

Finally, Barbara Boxer shares her ideas about getting California's economy back on track:

Debra Bowen for Secretary of State in California

Debra Bowen has been endorsed by the Secretary of State project:

Debra Bowen is one of the most progressive Secretaries of State in the nation. Shortly taking office she ordered a “top to bottom” review of the California’s electronic voting machines which resulted in the decertification of Diebold and two other voting system manufacturers. As a result of her progressive accomplishments as Secretary of State, she was awarded a Profile in Courage Award by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in 2008.

Find out more from her website.

Jerry McNerney for Congress (CA-11)

Jerry McNerney is one of the best Congressional Reps in America today. From his website:

Jerry McNerney, small businessman and renewable energy engineer, was inspired to run for Congress by his son Michael, who joined the Air Force after 9/11. Michael called his Dad after receiving his absentee ballot and saw that no one was running against the incumbent at the time. “Dad,” Michael said. “People should have a choice. I’m serving our country and you can as well by running for Congress.”...

Jerry is a member of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, where he is a strong advocate for improving benefits and care for the men and women who served our country. He brought a new veterans medical facility and nursing home to our area, which will create approximately 900 jobs and provide medical care close to home for our local veterans. He also wrote and passed a new law that will improve care for service members returning home with traumatic brain injuries, which unfortunately are the signature wounds currently affecting our troops overseas.

Jerry has a PhD in mathematics and spent over two decades developing renewable energy technology. His efforts in wind energy helped save the equivalent of approximately 30 million barrels of oil. Now, Jerry is putting this expertise to work as a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. He is the author of three major bills, passed by the House of Representatives, that will help train the next generation for green jobs, increase the efficiency of our electrical grid, and invest in infrastructure for electric vehicles. He is also the co-author of a bill to help spur local manufacturing of these cars.

Congressman McNerney on Energy Issues;

Congressman McNerney on Veterans Issues:

Even some Republican elected officials have endorsed Jerry McNerney for Congress:

* Steve Bestolarides, Supervisor, San Joaquin County
* Larry Ruhstaller, Supervisor, San Joaquin County
* Mike Doyle, Mayor, Danville
* Steve Abercrombie, Councilmember, Tracy
* Jack Snyder, Former Mayor & Councilmember, Manteca

McNerney champions alternative energy and healthcare reform, balances progressive and conservative values, and basically represents his district appropriately and effectively.

Loretta Sanchez for Congress (CA-47):

En Espanol:

Loretta and her sister Linda Sanchez are both nearly unique members of Congress. Strong minded and independent Latinas who have made their mark on Congress. Loretta Sanchez has always been a target of right wing ire since she defeated their crazy poster child, Bob "B-2" Dornan.

--Picture of Loretta and Linda Sanchez from the Orange County Register.

Loretta leans more conservative than I do, but she is a very good fit for her Orange County district and when push comes to shove, she is almost always on the side of working and middle class Americans and of progressive values.

Her opponent is a right winger who supports privatizing Social Security, that old Bush idea that was abandoned even by many moderate Republicans:

Learn more from Loretta Sanchez's website.

And for those who live a little south of Loretta's district, check out Linda Sanchez's website.

Also, Loretta and Linda have co-authored a book about their lives and political careers: Dream in Color: How the Sanchez Sisters Are Making History in Congress (available through Barnes and Noble)

Beth Krom for Congress (CA-48)

Okay...a Hip Hop ad for Congress:

Beth Krom is Democracy for America's 2010 Grassroots All-Star:

Beth is the former mayor of Irvine, CA -- a city that was recognized as one of the safest, greenest big cities in the country during her time as mayor. She's running against Republican Rep. John Campbell, a birther who cosponsored a bill requiring presidential candidates show their birth certificates when filing papers to run for office

Here is Beth Krom's statement to DFA:

I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. I received a degree in Education of the Visually Impaired from the University of Texas at Austin. While teaching at the Texas School for the Blind in Austin, I met and married my husband, Solly. In 1985, we relocated to Irvine, California where we opened an optometry practice and raised our children.

In 2000, I began attending Irvine City Council meetings. Skeptical about the ability of city leaders to effectively fight a proposed airport, I decided to run for City Council and was successfully elected in November 2000. I went on to win four more consecutive elections, including two terms as the directly elected Mayor of Irvine.

As mayor, I advanced initiatives that support balanced planning, “smart growth” and environmental stewardship, and enhanced community partnerships with local educational institutions, businesses and non-profits.

During my tenure as Mayor, Irvine was recognized as the “safest big city” in America as well as one of the "greenest" cities in the nation. I was proud to be one of the first mayors to sign on to the US Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.

Frustrated by the stridently partisan, ineffective and non-responsive profile of the incumbent, I launched my Congressional campaign in 2009. Having been a mayor, I understand how decisions made in Washington impact local communities and want to bring that experience to the table.


The district I am running in is a highly educated, multi-cultural region yet is represented by a man who is stridently partisan, co-sponsored the birther legislation, is anti-government and has refused to work with the people and cities he represents. I want to provide real leadership on issues that are important to all Americans — economic development, health care, education and environmental stewardship.

I have a record of demonstrating smart, strategic and courageous leadership at the local level. I look forward to the opportunity to work for positive change in Washington.

• I will work to stimulate all sectors of the economy through smart, strategic deployment of federal resources and to protect consumers by reforming our financial system and demanding greater accountability from all the stakeholders who participate in our markets and who drive our economy.

• I will work to reform health care. In order to create a health care system that works, there must be greater accountability built into our national healthcare reforms — by individuals, physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and insurers.

• I will work to advance innovation, environmental stewardship and our “green” economy, reducing our dependence on foreign oil through the development of alternative fuels, expanding the use of solar and creating thousands of new “green collar” jobs.

• I will work to achieve enhanced federal support for education, taking on the challenges of low-functioning schools, making college more accessible and ensuring that all young people have the chance to master academics, think critically, and embrace new ideas and experiences.

Find out more from Beth's website.

Steve Pougnet for Congress (CA-45)

Steve Pougnet has been endorsed by Democracy for America:

As mayor of Palm Springs, Steve Pougnet helped local small businesses compete against larger, out of area companies for city contracts. He also led the city to become one of California's greenest cities -- promoting green businesses, retrofitting city facilities to make them more energy efficient, conserving water, and more.

Now, he is running a grassroots campaign to represent California's 45th Congressional District. Mayor Pougnet is a leader with the experience to lead and the integrity to fight for his progressive values.

Steve's statement to DFA:

Steve Pougnet is a shining example of leadership in action. Elected in 2007, he is currently the Mayor of Palm Springs, California. Steve began his career in public service when he was elected to the Palm Springs City Council in 2003. Since then, he has risen to become one of the preeminent leaders of the Greater Palm Springs area and Riverside County, serving in leadership positions on numerous commissions and boards throughout the region.

Mayor Pougnet is the Chairman of the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG), Chairman of the Energy & Water Conservation Subcommittee as well as Vice-Chairman of the CVAG Energy and Environment Committee. He is also Vice Chairman of Sunline Transit Agency, the region’s public transportation management organization. Steve is also a Board Member of the Palm Springs Desert Resort Convention and Visitors Authority and a member of the Riverside County Transportation Commission. Mr. Pougnet also serves on the Riverside County Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee.

Beyond his civic positions, Steve is extremely involved in volunteerism in his community. He serves as the President of the Board for the Mizell Senior Center, is a Board Member of the Valley Action Group and the Palm Springs Art Museum. Steve also serves on the Citizens Oversight Committee of the Palm Springs Unified School District.

As is evidenced by his public service, Steve Pougnet is passionate about issues affecting his constituency. He is highly engaged in creating viable plans in the Coachella Valley for sustainability and renewable energy generation. He works tirelessly to find creative solutions to revitalize a struggling local economy and has been responsible for the creation of numerous well-paying jobs in the region. Steve has long been an advocate for seniors and youth. He is very involved in regional transportation issues and gives great attention to education initiatives in local K-12 school districts as well as the Community College system. Steve is a pragmatist, a bridge builder and a leader who gets things done.

Prior to moving to Palm Springs, Steve Pougnet was Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. As Vice President he had executive responsibility for the School’s Office of Development, including structuring, planning, budgeting and execution of all programs in fundraising, gift administration, stewardship and records maintenance. He was also responsible for the School’s Public Affairs Office, executing all activities in public affairs, such as communication with media, production of special events, and production of informational materials. From 1991 through 1993, Mr. Pougnet served as the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations and Special Assistant to the Vice President at Colorado School of Mines. Steve is also the former Associate Director for Corporate & Foundation Relations, at Michigan State University and the former Associate Director of National Corporate Leadership Programs at United Way of America. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Michigan State University.

Steve Pougnet lives in Palm Springs with his husband Christopher and their children Beckham and Julia. He enjoys running, biking, swimming, snowboarding and golfing.


California’s 45th Congressional district is in desperate need of new leadership. The district ranks second to last in Federal funding of all California districts, and our representative is ranked in the bottom 15% of effectiveness by As Mayor of Palm Springs, I have continually witnessed the degradation of federal services that my opponent should be fighting to preserve. As Mayor, I’ve learned and practiced how to do more with less, while simultaneously witnessing my opponent voting against important legislation like the economic stimulus package, but quickly taking credit for the good work that it is doing in the district. The time has come for a change.

I know that my service to the entire district will start before winning in November. I hope that my campaign will continually engage first time voters from 2008, bring the issues that face under-represented communities in my district to light, register new voters, and pave the way for more members of the LGBT community to successfully run for office.

Come January, I hope to champion issues that will improve the quality of life for all of the residents of the 45th district, and the entire country. For me, that means bringing new, clean energy jobs to California’s 45th district, that both help to end our dependence on foreign oil, and curb carbon emissions that lead to climate change and environmental degradation.

I also plan to work to preserve Social Security and Medicare for the senior citizens in my district who worked so hard to create these programs, and to control health care costs and improve access to health insurance by investing in preventative care.

Finally, I am committed to re-instilling progressive values for the Democratic Party, protecting a woman’s right to choose, and treating all people equally under the law, regardless of age, gender, race, national origin, religious creed, or sexual orientation.


My (soon to be) constituents are in need of good jobs close to their homes, to be able to count on a secure retirement with Social Security and Medicare benefits, and o have access to quality mental and physical healthcare for their families.

Jobs: The Coachella valley already boasts a large and productive wind farm, and has room for more turbines and even solar panels. With our nation’s growing energy needs, the valley has an opportunity to train and put our residents to work in this sector.

Social Security and Medicare: I supporting creating a Medicare-operated prescription drug benefit with the government negotiating drug prices, and I oppose any cuts in benefits that would reduce the retirement income provide by Social Security. I will oppose cuts in Social Security designed simply to balance the budget.

Access to healthcare: The solution to soaring health care costs also lies within a “pay now or pay later” philosophy. Other than simply modifying policies to regulate health insurance costs and acceptance rates, investment in preventative health care now will significantly decrease future health care costs (nutritional and diet education, exercise programs, mental health resources in school settings) and disease prevalence. This, in turn, will make health insurance consumers more attractive investments for insurance providers, increasing access to their services, and lowering costs.

Find out more from Steve's website.

Melissa Fox for California Assembly (CA-AD70)

Melissa Fox has been endorsed by Democracy for America:

Melissa is a smart, hard-working and passionate advocate for families, the middle class, local businesses, schools, jobs and economic growth. She's an Orange County native, a small business attorney, a wife and mother, and a dedicated community leader.

She worked hard to get out the vote in her district and across the state and earned DFA's California All-Star endorsement.

Here is Melissa's statement to DFA:

Melissa Fox is a smart, hard-working and passionate advocate for families, schools, the middle class, jobs, small business, and economic growth.

She is an Orange County native, a small business attorney, a wife and mother, and a dedicated community leader.

Melissa was born in Garden Grove and raised in Westminster. Commitment to public service comes naturally to Melissa -- her mother was a registered nurse and a librarian and her father was a police officer and later a compliance officer with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He is also a Korean War combat veteran.

Melissa attended high school in Westminster, where she graduated as valedictorian, went to Brandeis University and Tulane University School of Law.

After law school, she returned to Orange County, where for the last 17 years she has specialized in providing legal counsel to small businesses.

She has volunteered in professional organizations, in local schools, and has served in the Orange County Park Ranger Reserve. Her political activities include campaigns, local clubs, active participation in Women in Leadership and an active role in the Obama campaign. Melissa is also the founding President of the Orange County chapter of the non-partisan California Women Lead.

Melissa lives in Lake Forest with her husband Michael, a college professor who received his Ph.D. from UC Irvine, and their 11 year-old son Max, an avid Scout and member of the All American Boys Chorus.


As a Member of the Assembly, Melissa will be:

·A new legislative voice for majority rule on budget issues.

·A new legislative voice for working families and the middle class.

·A new legislative voice for students and teachers.

·A new legislative voice for seniors.

·A new legislative voice for the students, faculty and staff of UC Irvine.

·A new legislative voice for choice.

·A new legislative voice for single payer health care.

·A new legislative voice for marriage equality.

·A new legislative voice for a change.


As a small business attorney for 17 years, Melissa respects the hard work and knows the problems of business owners – problems that have been intensified by the current economic crisis. As a member of the Assembly, she will fight to reignite our Southern California economy and protect and grow the jobs we need.

As a mother with a child in a public school, Melissa knows the devastating impact of the budget crisis on our children and our schools. The most important investment we can make is in our children's education because investing in education ensures a stronger economic future for all of us. As a member of the Assembly, she will fight for our students and dedicated teachers, making sure that our schools -- from elementary schools to UCI -- are the very last thing to be cut in a budget crisis, not the first.

Melissa believes that the solution to UC Irvine's budget crisis begins in Sacramento. For too long, our representatives in Sacramento have ignored the interests of UC Irvine, its students, staff and faculty. UC Irvine is the most prestigious institution of higher learning in Orange County. It is also the County’s third largest employer – the largest in the District – and the primary engine spurring local economic growth, development, and innovation. Cutting funding for UC Irvine will have a potentially devastating impact on the economic wellbeing of our community. As the wife of a college teacher who received his Masters and Ph.D. from UC Irvine, Melissa knows the crucial role of UC Irvine in creating jobs, stimulating local business growth, and ensuring a brighter future for Orange County and California. As a member of the Assembly, Melissa will fight for the students, staff and faculty at UC Irvine.

As a middle class homeowner and businesswoman, Melissa knows the financial burden that California’s unfair tax system – including hidden taxes such as increased vehicle fees, tolls, and college tuition – imposes on middle class families and small businesses. As a member of the Assembly, she will fight for tax fairness, making sure that our economy is stimulated by tax cuts for the middle class and that giant corporations pay their fair share.

As a camper, hiker, volunteer Ranger with the Orange County Parks Department, and advocate for new green jobs and new American sources of energy, Melissa knows the need for responsible stewardship of our land, water and air -- not only for all the recreational opportunities we enjoy, but also for our economic well-being now and in the future. Melissa strongly opposes boondoggle schemes that threaten to destroy our world-class surfing, our watershed, and our beautiful beaches and coastline. These incredible resources are both a responsibility and a gift. They bring millions of dollars to our community from all over nation and the world. They are an essential part of the California Dream. As a member of the Assembly, Melissa will fight for new local green jobs, the development of new, cleaner and American sources of energy, and responsible stewardship of our natural resources, including our ocean, waves, and beaches.

Melissa is angry at the gridlock, backroom deal making, and lack of accountability of the politicians in Sacramento. They've broken their promises to put the interests of the people first. Melissa’s sole concern will be the interests of the people of our District. She knows that the first job of a legislator is to listen -- to the needs, hopes and dreams of the community -- in order to be an effective representative. Melissa will be a dedicated and passionate leader in the fight to eliminate wasteful government spending, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars. She will fight to end backroom deals -- like the one that lead to sale of the Orange County Fairgrounds -- and fight for greater openness and transparency in our government, and to restore accountability to Sacramento. Melissa will make it a priority to eliminate wasteful government boondoggles such as private toll roads, when our traffic is getting worse every day, we have the worst gridlock in the country, and congestion requires freeways that serve all of the people. She will fight to reduce the absurd number of unelected state government boards and commissions – many of which are redundant and unnecessary, and serve primarily as sources of political patronage and corruption. Melissa also strongly supports new laws to require state agencies to report their reasons for issuing no-bid contracts or awarding a contract to other than the low bidder, bringing more sunshine to a government that has operated in the dark for far too long.

Melissa will bring to government a much need breath of fresh air, new ideas, honesty, truth and openness – with a passionate commitment to California’s future.

Find out more from her website.

Dr. Esiquio Uballe for California Assembly (CA-AD72)

Esiquio has been endorsed by Democracy for America:

Esiquio Uballe spent his life helping the disadvantaged. He's a civil rights activists, community leader and educator. Now, he's running a grassroots campaign for State Assembly to turn a red seat blue and get Sacramento working for the people of California again.

Esiquio's hard work, dedication and grassroots campaign for change earned him DFA's California All-Star endorsement.

Here is Esiquio's statement to DFA:

Esiquio Ramos Uballe grew up in Austin, Texas, the youngest of eleven children in a family of migrant farm workers. Dr. Uballe was the first in his family to earn a college degree. He graduated from University of Michigan, has a masters and a Doctorate. He has spent his life helping the disadvantaged through his professional and volunteer efforts. He is the Associate Dean of Student Life at Cal State Fullerton and serves on the boards of Rosie’s Garage after school tutoring program and Kindercaminata, a pre-college experience for young children. Dr. Uballe has a long history of outreach to parents and children and promotes the value of education to the community. As an administrator he is skilled in working with people, handling budgets and developing and implementing policy and programs. He is a trained mediator with an extensive history of successful mediation and conflict resolution.


I am running to protect California's future. The state and District 72 are held hostage by a minority of Republican legislators who oppose any social safety net and seek to serve corporate interests and those of the anti-immigrant, religious right. I will protect the middle class and workers of the state as well as those most vulnerable. We need to create good, green jobs that restore our economic vitality while providing a living wage with good benefits. We need to restore full affordable access to higher education and good job training.


#1 Issue: Break through the California LOGJAM!
California needs a majority vote (50% + 1) for the budget.
We need to put a majority vote budget on the ballot in November changing the vote requirement to pass a budget from two-thirds to a simple majority.
#2: Rebuild California’s Dream
The people of California deserve a government that supports their hard work and shares their hopes for the future. We need green, safe jobs at a fair wage and with benefits to rescue California’s middle class.
Lift at-risk families and working poor families out of poverty so they can become independent and lead self-sufficient lives;
We need to create a robust economy and business climate that creates jobs and economic opportunity for all and the tax base for the programs and policies we champion. Our middle class is under attack and we should not increase taxes for those earning less than $250,000 a year, but corporations and the top 1% need to pay their fair share.
# 3: Protect California’s Future: Stop furloughing our children’s future!
California's children must have access to a free, individually appropriate, high-quality public education from preschool through grade 12.
Promote in-school efforts for educational development, access to reasonably priced childcare, universal pre-school and early development centers;
Stop the attack on our college age youth! Restore class sizes. Enact AB 656 and make corporations pay their fair share, particularly the Oil Companies.
Teachers are the stewards of our future. They should be well paid and work in safe learning environments with up-to-date equipment and learning tools.

Find out more from his website.

Dr. Richard Pan: Assembly District 5:

A must-win race in a tough district

Dr. Richard Pan is facing Republican and Proposition 8 architect Anthony Pugno. This seat should be held by Democrats and we finally have a great shot at it. Dr. Pan opened his east Sacramento headquarters over the weekend.
To become involved with the campaign, please contact Field Director Matt Ward (916) 798-0069.

Contribute / Volunteer / Learn More

Alyson Huber: Assembly District 10

We've gotta keep this hard-fought seat!

Alyson Huber worked tirelessly in a very difficult race to inch out a win in 2008. Once in office, Alyson has become a strong defender of our Delta resources, working to develop reasonable solutions. She is actively engaged her district, representing generations of farmers, as well as those fast growing communities in the east Sacramento/Amador region.

This time, we need to be a part of delivering a decisive win so we can send Alyson back to continue representing Democratic principals.

Contribute / Volunteer / Learn More

Jim Reed: Congressional District 2:

Stretching from the Oregon border to the margins of Sacramento, California's CD 2 has suffocated for decades in the grip of Republican do-nothing Wally Herger. Now Jim Reed is mounting a credible Democratic challenge and deserves our enthusiastic support.

Jim, a third-generation Californian, operates a law practice in Fall River Mills, just north of Redding. His message for northern California is simple and progressive: a return of representative government free from special interests, tireless attention to fiscal accountability, and help for the small businesses that are California's greatest creators of jobs. With our help, Jim Reed can revitalize CD 2 and help enact policies that benefit our entire state.

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Chris Parker: Board of Equalization, District 2

You Should See the Size of His District!

You may not have heard of the Board of Equalization (BOE), but it "administers billions of dollars of California's income and serving as California's Tax Court. It has the responsibility of serving the public through fair, effective and efficient tax administration.

Chris is dedicated to restoring fairness by closing the tax gap. District 2, is insanely large, stretching from the Oregon boarder to Ventura. His Republican opponent, George Runner, is so self-confident that he has already measured the office in to order carpeting.

It may not be the sexiest race, but its damned important. Chris is one hard-working candidate. Let's prove that simply being Republican does not qualify you for this position; only being qualified gets you in the door.

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Ami Bera: Congressional District 3

Bera Campaign Kicks Off with a Bang

Dr. Bera is the Democratic candidate running for congress in California's third congressional district. A doctor and former Associate Dean of Admissions at UC Davis, Bera has gained tremendous support for his grassroots campaign. Nationally acknowledged
as one of the top challenger races in the country, Dr. Bera has achieved enormous fundraising success, secured decisive endorsements, and earned widespread support.

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Help keep California on track for the future. Help these progressives win against right wing extremists.

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