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The Articles They Don't Want You to See 2

Last week I started something without even realizing it. I posted my second ever recommended diary on Daily Kos called "The Articles They Don't Want You to See." The success led me to even start it as a new blog, as well as a regular Daily Kos article.

The response was good enough that it is clear I should try and make this a weekly thing. The idea is to highlight articles/infromation/videos, new or old, that are important, under-reported and/or forgotten. And to provide YOU to post articles that YOU think need more attention. Last week I focued on Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and John McCain as well as a Republican Congressman named Vito Fossella (also called Bagdhad Vito or Bush's Lap Dog) in NYC and his challenger, Steve Harrison. This week I will review last week's articles, YOUR suggestions from last week, and present a new set of articles that I think deserve more attention. And if you think I forgot anything, please post in the comments! New articles come first, last week's articles are at the end.

I think one of the things that is really important to remember is that there ARE sane Republicans out there. Problem is, the Republican Party has gotten so extremist that those sane Republicans are fleeing the Party as fast as they can. So last week I brought up in the comments my article on how Bush might just be the death of the Republican Party.

Now let's look at some of the absolutely terrible Republican presidential candidates. What a bunch of extremist losers, aren't they? Last week I covered Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and John McCain (see the bottom of diary for a review). This week let me add Brownback (Senator Taliban) and Huckabee (Always willing to lend a hand to rapists).

Sam Brownback:
aka Taliban Brownback

Brownback has a name that just CAN'T win the Presidency. I find it hard to believe people will vote for "President Brownback." Too much like "President Skidmark" or something.

But someone clued me in to a particularly scary article from Rolling Stone showing what a damned Christian fundamentalist nut case Sam Brownback really is. This guy is NOT mainstream Christian. He is the American Christian equivalent of the Taliban.

In particular Sam Brownback believes a woman should be forced to have a baby, even in the case of rape or a danger to the mother's life. Sounds like Brownback believes a woman should die for a rapist's right to choose who has his baby.

Mike Huckabee:
aka Soft on Crime Huckabee

It seems Mike Huckabee will go out of his way to get a rapist off the hook. Which then allowed that rapist a chance to rape someone else. Mike Huckabee: Soft on Crime.

Huckabee also seems to be raising something of a sociopath for a son. Huckabee Family Values!

And this from a man who may be more of a fundamentalist fanatic than Brownback! Mike Huckabee, or is that "Taliban Mike," wants to declare jihad on fellow Americans. Taliban Mike wants to throw out the Constitution and create an Christian version of an Iran-style theocracy.

What's with these Republicans?? The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution for a purpose. Throwing it away and establishing a theocracy goes against everything America has ever stood for. The Taliban Twins Huckabee and Brownback should just move to Iran and let America stay free.

As to Iraq, the war nobody wants that has no purpose and no exit strategy...Huckabee has decided to go John McCain one better. McCain was the engineer who gave us the current escalation that has mired us even deeper in the Iraq civil war. But Huckabee wants more. Mike Huckabee wants a FURTHER escalation of American troops and money into Iraq. Bush fails. McCain multiplies that failure. Huckabee wants an even LARGER failure.

Here is a good summary of "what's wrong with Mike Huckabee" (from the National Jewish Democratic Council).

How about a little more on the Vito Fossella (aka Bagdhad Vito)/Steve Harrison rematch for 2008:

Let me just say that Daily Gotham got the scoop on Steve Harrison entering the race against Vito.

And Vito is running scared already. Seems he was so spooked by Harrison last time, he came out nasty and brutish within a day of Harrison declaring, leading a Daily Gotham blogger to declare that Vito Fossella, aka Bagdhad Vito is Freaking Out. Problem is, Vito Fossella is already in debt from last time around. Sounds like Harrison was softening up Vito last time around, leaving him weak and in debt for 2008. By contrast, I have heard from the inside that Harrison had some money left over from last time (donated at the very last minute, so not able to spend it).

Here's an article on Vito Fossella breaking campaign finance laws.

But if you really want to know how bad Vito Fossella is, you can read my article titled
Vito Fossella: Bush Lap Dog, Social Security Flip Flopper, and Friend to Criminals

And I will end this week's Vito Fossella/Steve Harrison Rematch segment with a quote from Steve Harrison on Iraq

What are we doing in Iraq? Saddam is dead, we found no weapons of mass destruction, and we know that Iraq didn't attack us — we need to get out.

— Steve Harrison, Democratic Candidate for Congress

Finally, there is a very strange battle going on in NY State that the MSM has largely been showing only one side of. You will read in the MSM that Governor Eliot Spitzer has abused his power to have Republican Joe Bruno followed by state troopers. But it turns out that this may be another Whitewater fraud. The troopers were there by Bruno's request and there is a suspicious campaign by a particular pair, Michael Caputo and Roger Stone, to smear Spitzer. The question that the Albany Project and Daily Gotham is raising is whether Joe Bruno is behind this campaign. The torturous scandal of Emailgate may hit Bruno in the face if this story spreads. Here are the relavent stories:

The Strange Case of Michael Caputo

Bruno, Stone and Caputo: Emailgate

Caputo Responds

Caputo Speaks

Caputo's comment in response to a posting on Daily Gotham

And a related story.

Curiouser and curiouser.

ARTICLES FROM LAST WEEK: (with minimal comment)

Rudy Giuliani:

Firefighters hateRudy Giulianai

Firefighters REALLY hate Rudy Giulianai

And, it also seems like he wasn't all that great of a leader (from dKos), according to his own former emergency management director, and Bush's 2002 choice to plan for preparedness for WMD attacks.

And let's not forget Rudy Giulianai is a typical Republican Chickenhawk.

John McCain:

My own summary of what's wrong with John McCain

Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney: abortion flip flopper

Mitt Romney is as big a Chickenhawk as Rudy,

Mitt Romney: Abusive Pet Owner.

Vito Fossella:

Vito Fossella: Part of the Bush/Abramoff culture of corruption,

Really Corrupt!

What the NY Times has to say about Vito Fossella.

And, for comparison, here is what the NY Times said about Steve Harrison, Vito's 2006 and 2008 opponant.


Rudy Giuliani:

Rudy Giuliania's Five Big Lies,

Harper's Expose on Rudy the Egomaniac (subscription required...but also recommended!)

Rudy Giulianai: AWOL from Iraq panel,

Rolling Stone says Rudy Giuliani is worse than Bush

Rudy's Abusive Approach to Crime

Rudy Raw

Rudy Wants MORE War

Giuliani's Homeless Policy Rejected by the Courts

Rudy Ignores the Courts on his Homeless Policy

John McCain:

All you need to know about John McCain

Vito Fossella:

Vito Just Doesn't Get it

Sorry if I missed anyone!

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