Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Articles They Don't Want You to See 1

This first post made it onto the Recommended List on Daily Kos. Wasn't expecting that! If it is interesting to dKos people, maybe I am filling a need that people want.

Being a New Yorker, I have realized that many people don't know what Rudy Giuliani is really like. It is amazing how few people realize what a dick he is and how our first responders DETEST him. So I wanted to find some articles (including my own...) that highlight how he really is.

Which then made me realize that I already have some articles on some other Republicans that should get more attention. So, here is what might be a regular thing I do: highlighting the articles that Republicans DON'T want you to see. Please feel free to add more in the comments. I may pick up on some of them for my own blogging. And feel free to spread the word on these articles.

Rudy Giuliani:
So few people realize what a self-centered control freak this guy is and how much he is despised by the REAL heroes of 9/11. So here are a few articles that highlight the side of Rudy he doesn't want you to know:

Firefighters hate Rudy Giuliani

I mean, they REALLY hateRudy Giuliani

And, it also seems like Rudy Giuliani wasn't all that great of a leader, according to his own former emergency management director, and Bush's 2002 choice to plan for preparedness for WMD attacks.

And let's not forget what a Chickenhawk he is.

Now I know many Republicans don't mind Chickenhawks, but independents might hate it and I think EVERYONE will look askance at Rudy's treatment of first responders.

John McCain:

No Republican seems to be falling faster than McCain. So I will just highlight one of my own summaries of what is wrong with John McCain. I think I cover most of his weak points in that article. One thing I will say for him, though, is at least he isn't a Chickenhawk like Rudy.

Speaking of Chickenhawks...

Mitt Romney:

Mitt just might pull off the Republican nomination. At least that is increasingly my gut feeling as McCain crashes and burns and Giuliani's own personality starts to sour voters. Romney will probably get Iowa and that will boost him in many people's eyes.

But...Mitt Romney's abortion flip flopping will please no one.

And Mitt Romney is as big a Chickenhawk as Rudy,

And Mitt Romney was an abusive, or at least criminally negligent, pet owner,

Finally, if I may indulge in highlighting a Congressional race in my area (NYC)...

Vito Fossella:

This guy is the only Republican Congressional Rep in NYC. He had a rough re-election time in 2006 when faced with a shoe-string, grassroots challenger who only had $100,000. Fossella was left in debt by that and in 2008 there will be a rematch. And his opponent, Steve Harrison, is starting earlier and the DNC and DCCC are already considering helping him. So who is this Vito Fossella?

Well, Vito Fossella is a part of the Bush/Abramoff culture of corruption,

I also discuss Vito Fossella in my Target the Corrupt Republican blog,

And here is what the NY Times had to say about Vito Fossella back in 2006.

And, for comparison, here is what the NY times says about Steve Harrison, Vito's 2006 and 2008 opponant.

That's what I have amassed over the last week in my own research. Thought people might be interested. Please add your own articles they don't want us to see in the comments. Next week I will make use of any suggestions people make and add new ones of my own.

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