Wednesday, September 9, 2009

John Heyer in his Own Words

John Heyer and Brad Lander are fighting it out for the support of the conservative Hasidic vote in the 39th City Council district. Brad Lander has been hoping his ties to the ultra-orthodox, homophobic Dov Hikind will bridge the gap between Lander's anti-Israel views and his largely liberal views on gays and the Hasids. This devil's bargain between Hikind and Lander was at first working, bringing in Boro Park votes for Lander. But then Heyer came along. Heyer is being very honest with the Hasids, more honest about his conservative beliefs than he is on his website or when he campaigns in Park Slope. Some videos of Heyer discussing their social conservativism have popped up on Room 8 and on the Chaptzem blog. I think it is enlightening to hear Heyer in his own words, and comparing this with his website where he mentions little of his conservative views. So here he is, John Heyer uncut:

I find that Brad Lander's ties to Dov Hikind and his anti-Israel views don't play well in Park Slope. But I suspect neither will John Heyer's support for tax payer money going to private schools and his opposition to abortion. Three candidates fit the values of the majority of the district: Bob Zuckerman, Josh Skaller, and Gary Reilly. Lander and Heyer can compete over the conservatives. Hopefully the majority of the district will go for the other three.

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