Saturday, June 20, 2009

Change NYC

As WFP and IND abandon reform in NYC, I am looking into other groups that focus on progressive and reform politics in hopes of seeing real change happen in this city. I have consistently discussed the excellent organizations DFNYC and CBID, both of which are pretty much consistently focused on true reform and progress. Though I don't always agree with their endorsements, I agree with them almost all the time and when I do differ it is generally for strategic reasons.

Today I want to highlight another organization out there: Change NYC. I came across them some time ago when looking for allies in the fight against Bloomberg and his tame City Council. Silly me, at the time I had thought WFP would be a great ally. Sadly, they talked the talk, but in the end show little sign of walking the walk and standing up to the entrenched interests in City Hall.

ChangeNYC has this as their Mission Statement:

ChangeNYC.Org is an organization unifying our City’s Democratic Party by welcoming all New Yorkers back into the political process. We are a coalition of real, everyday New Yorkers – young voters, progressives, neighborhood leaders, community bloggers, good government groups, and even conservatives – who believe that in cooperation we can bring the change to our City that together we have begun to bring to our nation.

In the spirit of the Obama campaign, we are revitalizing democracy from the grassroots on up in all five boroughs. Led by your voice and your priorities, and funded exclusively by your financial support, we are connecting, organizing, educating, and empowering ordinary citizens to create the Democratic Party our members think will best stand for their principles.

Sounds good to me!

The list of candidates endorsed by Change NYC largely (though not completely) follows my own. Here is their list:

Candidate: Yetta Kurland Council District: 3rd (Manhattan)
Candidate: Gwen Goodwin Council District: 8th (Manhattan)
Candidate: Richard Realmuto Council District: 10th (Manhattan)
Candidate: Jerome Rice Council District: 12th (The Bronx)
Candidate: Fernando Cabrera Council District: 14th (The Bronx)
Candidate: Daryl Johnson Council District: 16th (The Bronx)
Candidate: Constantine Kavadas Council District: 20th (Queens)
Candidate: Bob Friedrich Council District: 23rd (Queens)
Candidate: Daniel Dromm Council District: 25th (Queens)
Candidate: Brent O'Leary Council District: 26th (Queens)
Candidate: Mel Gagarin Council District: 29th (Queens)
Candidate: Marquez Claxton Council District: 31st (Queens)
Candidate: Michael Duncan Council District: 31st (Queens)
Candidate: Fred Lewis Council District: 31st (Queens)
Candidate: Jo Anne Simon Council District: 33rd (Brooklyn)
Candidate: Saquan Jones Council District: 36th (Brooklyn)
Candidate: David Galarza Council District: 38th (Brooklyn) (NOTE: Galaraza dropped out)
Candidate: Bob Zuckerman Council District: 39th (Brooklyn)
Candidate: Terry Hinds Council District: 45th (Brooklyn)

Some of these candidates I don't know. In couple of these races I am backing other candidates. But by and large I agree with ChangeNYC's choices. If you go to their candidate page, you can read statements by each of these candidates...and I strongly urge that you do so. I put in bold the candidates I most strongly agree with.

For comparison, let me add the endorsements of CBID, DFNYC and 504 Democrats:

CBID endorsements for 2009:

Josh Skaller for City Council (39th District)
Jo Anne Simon for City Council (33rd District)
John Liu for Comptroller
Norman Siegel for Public Advocate of the City of New York

DFNYC endorsements (so far) for 2009:

Norman Siegel for Public Advocate
Steve Behar for City Council, Dist. 19 in eastern Queens
Josh Skaller for City Council, District 39 in Central Brooklyn

And 504 Democrats (disabled rights organization) endorsements (the ones I can find):

Council District 25 (Queens): Daniel Dromm
Council District 3 (Manhattan): Yetta Kurland
Council District 33: (Brooklyn): Jo Anne Simon

Hope people take a look at these excellent candidates and give them some support!

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