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The Articles They Don't Want You to See 4: Science Edition

This is the fourth week in a row I am doing my "Articles They Don't Want You to See" feature. This week I want to highlight science...the science they don't want you to understand. Specifically Evolution, Global Warming and the HIV/AIDS connection. I write about the first two topics a great deal and will draw from earlier diaries I have written. The HIV/AIDS connection is something I only recently realized had a denial lobby associated with it that needed countering. I am a scientist and have been a scientist during the bulk of the history of AIDS research. Almost took a job in Seattle working on an AIDS vaccine (moved to NYC instead). I knew that there were deniers in South Africa and that is a major problem in Africa, but now I have encountered HIV/AIDS deniers on dKos and realize I can suggest some articles regarding that issue as well.


Every year on Darwin Day, Feb. 12th, I post a three-part series on Darwin and Evolution intended to be an introduction to the topic with mention of up to date research supporting the theory of Darwnian evolution. Here are the links to this last year's essays:

Darwin Day Essay I: Evolution Explained

Darwin Day Essay II: Intelligent Deception

Darwin Day Essay III: Evolution Defended

Let me also highlight the Evolution News page on Science Daily.

I also highly recommend the National Center for Science Education.

And now is as good a time as any to suggest you look into what Darwin Day events are in your area...and if there aren't any, maybe you want to start one.


A brief rundown of the evidence for global warming (with links to data)

More details about global warming and some solutions,

An introduction to the Denial Lobby (some of the political info a bit dated).

The absolute insanity of the Denial Lobby, with a fair amount of detailed scientific evidence highlighted. LOTS of good links.

More sceintific evidence with links to data on Global Warming,

Debunking the so-called "Global Warming Swindle."

A military analysis of Global Warming.

A good general source on global warming, including solutions, can be found on the Union of Concerned Scientists website.

And perhaps the best source for info on Global Warming is RealClimate, the place where actual atmospheric scientists go to discuss the issue.

I focus a lot on my own diaries for the above two topics because I have been synthesizing info on them for years now...and I provide lots of good links within those diaries. I hope they are helpful.


Here are some very basic, scientific, articles linking HIV with AIDS.

The basic link

Extensive basic documents backing up the HIV/AIDS link

The introduction (with links to PDFs) to evaluating claims made by the HIV denial lobby.

An essay written by Stanley Prusnier (Nobel Prize winner, Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Department of Neurology and Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of California, San Francisco) on the history of discovering the causitive agent for AIDS.

ARTICLES FROM LAST WEEK (with minimal comment):

Mitt Romney:
aka Hezbollah Mitt

Mitt Romney is either an abusive or at least abyssmally stupid pet owner.

Mitt Romney has said the United States should emulate Hezbollah.

Mitt Romney's flip flopping on abortion.

Mitt Romney illegally used corporate funds to pay a political operative.

LISTENING to our soldiers

The View from Iraq, by seven returning soldiers

Reminds me of something I heard on the Henry Rollins show which bears more attention: Chasing Ghosts, by 1st Lieutenant Paul Rieckhoff.

But rather than LISTEN to our Veterans, Republicans outright run away from Americans when the subject of Iraq comes up...sometimes literally.

The following come from Americans Against Escalation in Iraq:

PA: Rep. Tim Murphy Locks Door in Constituents’ Faces:

IL: Congressman Mark Kirk Runs Away from Iraq Vet, War.

VA: Rep. Thelma Drake Runs From Iraq Question.

MI: Rep. Vernon Ehlers Ducks Out on Iraq.

IA: Mother of Iraq Veteran Confronts Rep. Tom Latham on the war.

NY: Invitation to Take a Stand Day delivered to Rep. Randy Kuhl (in protective vests), but are shut out.

VA: Rep. Thelma Drake seeks "protection" from "unexpected questions.

NH: Sen. Sununu (R-NH) Refuses to Take A Stand

It is time to get right in the face of every Congressman, Republican OR Democrat, and confront them over Civil Liberties, Iraq and Impeachment. Call to make an appointment with your Rep today.


The Strange Case of Michael Caputo

Bruno, Stone and Caputo: Emailgate

Caputo Responds

Caputo Speaks

Caputo's comment in response to a posting on Daily Gotham

And a related story.

Michael Bouldin and Liza Sabater of the Daily Gotham traced the precise connections that link Michael Caputo and Roger Stone.

Roger Stone threatens Eliot Spizter's elderly father. Then claimed he didn't do it but was seeing a play that night...a play that was closed that night.

Roger Stone may be losing it.

Karl Rove directed a massive partisan misuse of taxpayer money.

Finally, a bit of history for those too young to remember: The Tragedy of Bhopal Continues 23 Years Later.

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